iTero® Digital Scanning

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When examining your mouth or creating restorations or oral appliances, our dentists may use the iTero® digital scanner. This state-of-the-art equipment helps ensure precision and comfort, capturing images that allow us to ensure that your care meets your exact needs.

What is iTero Digital Scanning?

iTero digital scanning is a cutting-edge technology revolutionizing the field of dentistry. It is a noninvasive and highly accurate method of capturing detailed 3D images of your teeth and other oral structures. This technology utilizes an intraoral scanner that replaces the traditional, uncomfortable process of taking physical impressions with messy molds. The scanner uses laser and optical technology to create a digital replica of your teeth and gums in real-time. This digital impression is then used for various dental procedures, including orthodontic treatments, restorative dentistry and more.

Benefits of iTero Scanning

  • Accuracy and Precision: One of the primary advantages of iTero digital scanning is its remarkable accuracy. It captures highly detailed 3D images of your mouth, providing our dentists with a precise and comprehensive view of the teeth, gums and bite. This accuracy translates into better treatment planning and outcomes.
  • Comfort for Patients: Traditional impression-taking methods often involve uncomfortable molds filled with gooey materials that can trigger a gag reflex. iTero scanning eliminates the need for these molds, making the process far more comfortable for patients. Patients simply need to open their mouths, and the scanner does the rest, significantly reducing anxiety and discomfort.
  • Faster Results: iTero digital scanning is not only more comfortable but also faster. Traditional impressions can take days to be sent to a dental lab for processing, causing delays in treatment. With iTero scanning, the digital impressions are instantly available, allowing for quicker treatment planning and adjustments if needed.
  • Improved Communication: The digital nature of iTero scanning enhances communication between doctors and patients. Our dentists can easily share the 3D images and discuss treatment options using visual aids, promoting a better understanding of the recommended procedures.
  • Enhanced Treatment Planning: The digital scans to plan treatments with greater precision. Whether you are receiving orthodontic aligner therapy, crowns, bridges or implants, iTero scanning ensures that the final result fits perfectly, reducing the need for adjustments.

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